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01. Abatis has been accredited as an OH&S External Service.
  Abantis has been accredited as an OH&S External Service in the four specialities with national vocation service...>>
02. Abantis wins an Army´s contract of the Ministry of Defence for business coordination activities.
  Abantis-Certum joint-venture has been awarded the contract of Ministry of Defence for business coordination activities...>>
03. Abantis provides INDRA OH&S technical assistance in Barcelona´s third line subway. (Línea 3)
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ABANTIS, is a private organization, accredited as an External OH&S Service, by the Labour Spanish Authority, formed by a high qualified group of professionals specialized in consulting and advisory services for companies in Occupational Health and Safety with broad experience in high-risk sectors.

Abanti´s aim is to provide companies all the resources and technique solutions to increase and consolidate the integration in their management, activities, facilities and productivity organization.


-Advice our clients in OH&S culture implementation to encourage health and safety at work without risks.

-Supply resources and media to achieve efficient Occupational Health and Security management.

-Collaborate with clients in compliance with their objectives to reduce accidents at work.

Abantis offers:

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