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01. Abatis has been accredited as an OH&S External Service.
  Abantis has been accredited as an OH&S External Service in the four specialities with national vocation service...>>
02. Abantis wins an Army´s contract of the Ministry of Defence for business coordination activities.
  Abantis-Certum joint-venture has been awarded the contract of Ministry of Defence for business coordination activities...>>
03. Abantis provides INDRA OH&S technical assistance in Barcelona´s third line subway. (Línea 3)
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Bullet Occupational Health and Safety System:

Implementation OH&S system´s design, elaboration and technical advising in accordance with:
  1. General and specific legally enforced Industrial Safety and Health Law.
  2. OHSAS 18001 OH&S standard.
Bullet Self-Protection Plan:

Abantis elaborates the Self-protection Plan according to Basic Self-Protection Regulation (RD 393/2007).

Bullet Internal Audits: previous and internal audits.
  1. Previous Audit to the Legal Audit (RD 39/97).
  2. Internal audit in accordance with OHSAS 18001 standard.
  3. Supplier audits.
Bullet Equipment Adequacy according to R.D. 1215/97:

Equipment Adequacy Reports in accordance with RD 1215/97 and, where appropriate, conformity certification.

Bullet Ergonomic and psicho-sociology studies:
  1. Specific studies about manual loads handling, physical handling, healthy posture in workplace, repetitive work, etc.
  2. Mental workload and psycho-social factors studies.
  3. Ergonomic designed tasks and workstations studies.
Bullet Quality, environment and health & safety:

Integrated tools design for quality, environment and occupational health & safety management.

Bullet Health and Safety elaboration Reports for tenders.

Abantis´ technical team has a broad experience in this type of reporting development. The service is done considering distinctive features and real customer´s needs. This means work´s done with urgency and with high level technical report´s content.

Bullet Technical and legal Advising

Abantis´ team, a highly qualified group of law graduates and, at the same time, OH&S experts, with a wide experience in high risk sectors, is skilful for technical and legal advising in inspection processes to be done by the Labour Inspection, other technical organisms, accidents, responsibilities, etc.

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