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01. Abatis has been accredited as an OH&S External Service.
  Abantis has been accredited as an OH&S External Service in the four specialities with national vocation service...>>
02. Abantis wins an Army´s contract of the Ministry of Defence for business coordination activities.
  Abantis-Certum joint-venture has been awarded the contract of Ministry of Defence for business coordination activities...>>
03. Abantis provides INDRA OH&S technical assistance in Barcelona´s third line subway. (Línea 3)
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As an External Health and Safety Service, Abantis has the accreditation and capacity to provide health & safety occupational training in accordance with the established OH&S Spanish Law in all sector´s activity. .

Based on Abantis´ team experience, the firm organizes theoretical-practical face-to-face training activities, mixed face-to-face and distance from 3 hours duration for all kinds of sectors and positions.

As well, Abantis is an authorised entity in all national Spanish geography by the Construction Labour Foundation and the Metal Foundation for all the performing training activities established in the Fifth General Collective Agreement of construction sector 2012-2016. For this reason, Abantis offers its clients, in the scope of specialized advising and consulting services, the OH&S training to be given for recognition and obtaining the Professional Construction Card.

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